Our Story

The story of the Hawk Imperial Clothing Co. is a simple one. It came together out of a massive need not being fulfilled in a marketplace. African Americans and people of color are slowly but steadily increasing their affluence and economic status. There are more black people at large climbing the corporate ladder, purchasing properties, assets, and starting businesses in the most recent years and there is a large market of sophisticated black professionals looking to evolve their wardrobe to match their evolution in life. The problem is twofold: Firstly, we struggle purchasing clothes that have a luxury grade quality for a reasonable price. The process in which wealth is built involves being wise, and not being frivolous with resources, but even black owned businesses are just charging too much  for their products. And finally, the clothes that are priced reasonably are far from durable. One or two washes and the clothes almost completely lose their integrity. Tears, shrinkage, threads coming apart, etc. That's where we come in! This is company meets you perfectly in between those two issues with a solution. Our clothes have a luxurious feel, but at an affordable price point and also incredibly comfortable. Wouldn't you wear more sophisticated clothes if it were just as comfortable as sweat pants and a graphic tee? Well now you can! We're a smart-casual clothing brand committed to bridging the gap between luxury and comfort. 

Creator & Founder  
Malcolm Hawkins is an African-American filmmaker, father, and husband. After humble beginnings in fashion working at various retail stores, he saw a problem that wouldn't go away. He worked at stores that provided business casual clothing, suits, and dresses but very seldom did he see black men and women coming in to purchase. This only became evident to him because he'd constantly see black models posing in the clothes that were being marketed, but very few walking through the door. Not only did he begin to wonder why so little black people shopped at these stores, but he wondered if there were any black owned brands that sold sophisticated clothing. After not being able to find any his mission became simple: serve minority  by providing a sophisticated products for us by us. He wanted to ensure the product was extremely high quality but affordable so it can remain accessible to all of our community and not just some. The Hawk Imperial Clothing Company is the second venture to launch under the Hawk Imperial brand, and It's his pleasure to serve the underserved.